~My personal journey in taking a sabbatical rest with recommendations on how to prepare financially for a more restful lifestyle of your own.

~A study on the importance of balancing work with periods of rest, what that looks like and how it can benefit not only ourselves but our households.

~A look at the mandate and promise of rest from a biblical perspective and how that relates to faith.

~Reflection questions with journaling space at the end of every section making this book ideal for reading group study and discussion.

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This online interview was a first for me, Melissa, and it appears there were some glitches in my screen refresh.
If you find the freezing of my screen distracting, you may find it easier to listen, rather than view, this interview. Learning and growing!

Early Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this read because it perfectly aligns with where I am in my own journey. I could totally relate to your point of view. I think you did a great job covering the spiritual aspect of the lifestyle, even for non-believers. I like that you included questions to reflect on the information covered. Overall I would give this book 5 stars! Thank you so much for sharing.

Melanie Harmon

Blogger, moderndayalice.com

This book resonated with me on many levels because I am in a mini-life season change. Your words have helped me to refocus my plans and to not allow myself to be distracted by things that could be considered sloth-like throughout the day. My time is more valuable than I have given it credit for.

Tanya Suter

Blogger & Editor, realisticacres.com

I just finished going through the whole book. I think it is beautifully written! It was very inspirational to me. It got me thinking about what I can cut out of my life to be more “rested”.

Aubrey Knorr

Editor & Proofreader, facebook.com/AubreyKnorr.EditorandProofreader

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading the book as it hit home for me in a lot of places.

Laurie Hanscom Harmon

Blogger, seekingserenityandharmony.com