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Melissa Cassidy is a writer with a passion to help those feeling overwhelmed by life and disconnected from their created purpose. Sharing her own journey from chaos to calm, she gives her readers a candid view into her soul, encouraging them to see their own.

Over 27 years married with two grown children and one precocious doggie, Melissa finds her deepest joy and fulfillment as the heart of the home she shares with her family. She loves Jesus, sings off-key, plays the wrong notes, knits for therapy, and devours audiobooks or YouTube videos when she’s not writing.

Melissa has written and published her first book titled, “Coming Home: Leaving Busy To Save My Soul” which describes her life-altering decision to take a year sabbatical. This story also points to the readers can harness the power of rest and sustainable life pace in their own life. To further assist her readers, she created the “Coming Home: Leaving Busy To Save My Soul Book Study” which is an online study of her book with short videos that summarize and illustrate the concepts of each chapter.

Having wrestled with food and weight issues throughout her life, Melissa brings compassion, inspiration and hope to those who share her struggle. Drawing on her past career as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Wellness Specialist, Melissa designed The Appetite Reset to help others like herself take charge of their choices, lose weight and be healthy.


Oxygen for the Hectic Life

Let’s face it. There are seasons of life that demand everything you’ve got. You’re juggling too many responsibilities and dropping balls all over the place. Thinking of a single weekend to do whatever you want (and you know that would be SLEEP) almost makes you cry.

We have you covered. First of all, you are AMAZING! This is a growth phase and you are killing it! It won’t last forever. It certainly doesn’t have to be torture. We’ll give you tips and practical tools to identify and maximize those brief air pockets in your schedule so you can breathe again. We also want to help you activate a plan to enjoy longer stretches of reprieve in the future. You can DO this.

Respite for a Season

You’ve been dreaming of this. A long weekend, a vacation, or even a summer. Whatever delectable gift of time you’ve been given, we want to help you find your bliss. EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. It’s all about realistic expectations and setting boundaries. It’s also about embracing the unexpected and making room for those special moments that you can’t schedule on demand.

Year Sabbatical

Uh oh. You’ve been in your growth phase a wee bit too long. You’re going through the motions and you’ve done EVERYTHING you know how to do but BURNOUT has hit. Coping strategies aren’t helping and quite possibly have become an extra burden to bear. Life has dealt a blow and you realize your very soul is at risk.

We’re here. We can’t promise everything is going to be okay but we can tell you our story and come beside you while you live yours. If you come to the decision to take an extended reprieve, you’ll find some hope and inspiration here. This doesn’t have to be the END…it can be a beautiful, new, BEGINNING.

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