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Mental Health Crisis-3 Risk Factors to Avoid

Mental Health Crisis-3 Risk Factors to Avoid

If we are not true to our inner value system, we will suffer adverse effects of some kind. It doesn’t matter how altruistic the deviation may look or sound…if our inner value system doesn’t match up, the conflict will manifest in some way.

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The Dream Begins

The Dream Begins

Our website is LIVE but we just got the keys. We haven’t fully moved in yet or unpacked the boxes never mind started the decorating. We’re so happy you came to visit but please excuse the mess. If the chaos stresses you out, why don’t you visit us in a few weeks when...

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Keep on posting! To be honest, I rarely read emails, blogs and such because I’m far too busy but I read yours because:

  • I trust you & your advice
  • You are so real & genuine in your writings
  • I can actually relate to your posts

Thank you for taking the time to share.

Ellen D.

Melissa, you’ve been such an inspiration to me!

So focused and organized!

Love reading your blog, you’re really a great writer.

Easy to follow and understand. Even for a foreigner! (I’m a Brazilian, Portuguese is my first language).

C. Randle