Essential Oils. Even two decades ago, I had never heard the term. I certainly had no idea that I would not only try them but come to love and share my love of oils with friends as well.

Stretch Class Relaxation Spa

My first exposure started over a dozen years ago when I taught a stretch class at a local gym. I wanted to treat my participants to a super duper special treat during the relaxation portion at the end of the class.

I bought some dedicated washcloths that I added to a crock-pot along with hot water and a few drops of some calming oils like lavender and anise.

The crock-pot would sit on a towel until our stretches were done. Using tongs and the towel everyone pulled out a hot cloth, blotted the excess water and carefully placed the steaming fabric over their faces.

It was a little daring but the ladies loved it. Like a mini-facial and the room smelled so nice.

At the time I was using an essential oil brand that was carried in our local grocery store’s natural food section. I didn’t know about additives, diluting, potency or quality back then. My main concern was making sure my selections were okay for skin contact…and that the scent would be pleasing.

I built up a mini collection and I only used them for that one purpose.

A few years later when I wasn’t fitness instructing anymore, I sold them at a yard sale to a happy buyer and didn’t give it another thought.

Setting the Stage for Essential Oil Demand

Seeking help for some chronic skin irritation issues I was experiencing, I met with a local Naturalpath. She explained that the biome health in our gut has a huge impact on our skin and that I should take multiple steps to improve my digestion.

One of the steps she suggested was to avoid over-the-counter headache medications as they had a negative impact on good bacteria in the gut.

I took that advise to heart and stubbornly avoided pain meds even when I had headaches.

An online friend responded to a headache-induced post with a recipe for her headache salve. It sounded like a good thing to try so I went back to the grocery store for the peppermint, spearmint, lavender and rosemary oils and gathered the other ingredients needed.

I made the salve and it helped me with my tension headaches a lot. I made some for my friends and they kept coming back for more.

I tried other DIY’s too but that one was my favourite.

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Finding DoTERRA

That was it for a couple more years until I started hearing about the MLM essential oil companies and finally was invited to a local essential oils class.

I keep a tight budget and have had a series of negative experiences with MLM’s so I enjoyed the education but didn’t purchase. I was happy with the oils I was using and that was that.

It wasn’t until my mom took advantage of a DoTERRA BOGO event and gifted me with my first diffuser and a bottle of OnGuard that I became aware of the potency and quality differences between the grocery store brand I was using and these powerful therapeutic grade essential oils.

I was ruined.

I was learning about the many uses and recipes that could be made with essential oils and the DIY part of me came alive!

Buying Premium Essential Oils on a Budget

I started plotting how I could purchase these amazing oils and build my own collection for the best price possible. It involved signing up for a DoTERRA annual membership (a discounted purchasing club…kind of like Costco) and their Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) during a promo month.

The sign-up promo was just the beginning.

After that, I enjoyed wholesale pricing, 30% back on my purchases and 100% back on my shipping in LRP points PLUS I received a free product of the month if my order was large enough and I placed it before the 15th of the month.

Combining all those factors helped me maximize my purchasing dollars and start building a collection of these premium essential oils.

DoTERRA has BOGO events so in the early days, I jumped on those as well. Every day they introduce a product and if you order it that day, they throw in another oil product. Combined with my LRP that was the absolute best bargain for my dollar.

Managing Oil Purchases Long Term

Of course my oil collection built up quickly in my first year. Now I don’t need to order as much but I easily keep my LRP active simply by ordering one product a month for me or my family and friends.

If it’s a really tight month I order a lip balm or another inexpensive product and can keep my order as low as $20 (including shipping which is refunded in LRP points). It’s worth it to me because I have friends who have signed up under me and I don’t want to lose all the wonderful points I’m accumulating.

I’m kind of a plan B thinker so worst case scenario if finances get really strapped, my plan is to sacrifice my LRP and just keep my annual membership. That means I can order randomly through the year at wholesale cost.

It’s really that easy!

So what are my reasons for becoming one of those crazy oil ladies?

9 Fantastic Reasons to Use Essential Oils

1. Essential Oils Work

I’m not saying you should believe the claims of every salesperson or recipe that comes your way.

Essential oils aren’t magic. They’re just natural extracts from various parts of plants that have beneficial tendencies.

Just like certain plants that we eat.

I’ve had wonderful results using essential oils for various purposes.

Everyone is unique and experience oils differently. It means you have to experiment a little to find what works for you.

I’ve had some fabulous experiences with tried and true recipes and had some DIY’s bomb terribly as well.

2. Essential Oils Have Less Side Effects Than Pharmaceuticals

Yes there are some oils that can make your skin photo-sensitive and others that can harm your skin if you don’t dilute them. We always need to use caution when applying to children.

It’s important to check your bottle label and the info provided by the company you purchase from to ensure proper usage.

Overall though, the proper use of essential oils should not cause harm in the same way pharmaceutical chemicals can.

I’ve never seen a warning that said an oil might cause thoughts of suicide, nausea or cause my heart to fail. Just sayin’.

3. A Little Goes a Long Way

Each 15ml bottle has somewhere between 250-300 drops of precious oil in it. I made an inhaler that helps clear my stuffy nose and it only used 18 drops of oil…over a year ago.

Those 18 drops are still activated and helping me breathe a little easier after all this time.

Yes there are recipes that use far more and get used up faster but it’s totally up to you what to make or not.

4. DIY Delight

If you love experimenting with DIY recipes then a fully stocked essential oil chest is your nirvana.

I love perusing Pinterest and my beautiful essential oils resource hardcover for recipe suggestions and having all the ingredients I need on hand.

If you share this curiosity and passion, then you know how fun it can be to assemble all your bottles and supplies and mix up some adventure!

5. If You’re Not a DIY Person You Can Buy a Ready Made Product

The idea of buying multiple bottles of oils as recipe ingredients, purchasing empty bottles and other ingredients so you can mix your own stresses you out? No problem!

Companies like DoTERRA make their own essential oil products so you can simply order and use right out of the shipping box.

I’ve opted for that option when it comes to DIY recipe failures with ready-made products like DoTERRA’s fabulous shampoo, conditioner, throat lozenges, and toothpaste etc.

They even sell ready-made roller bottle versions of essential oils that are properly diluted with carrier oil for topical skin use called “touch” so customers don’t have to mix the carrier oils in themselves.


6. Essential Oils Smell Nice

They do! I love that I can enjoy a variety of beautiful scents either by diffusing, spraying, or dabbing a bit of essential oil (with carrier) on my skin or on specially made pieces of oil diffusing jewelry.

7. Add Luxury To Life

A few drops of lavender in my bath with Epsom salts or a diffusing a relaxing or purifying blend in a sterile hotel room while travelling.

These are the special little extras that make life feel like a celebration.

8. I Love to Help People

I make my recipes for my friends and family. I keep an emergency kit of essential oil products in my purse that constantly get used while travelling with others.

When you care about people it feels good to have something you can offer them to feel better. Some conditions need the attention of a physician and qualified medical help but a lot of minor, yet bothersome issues can be helped with a little essential oil TLC.

I also share my purchasing strategies with my oil-loving friends.

9. Feel Empowered

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve gone to the doctors office only to be told that there’s nothing they can do for me. It’s so frustrating!

There seems to be a huge gap between feeling well and being sick enough for medicine. I’m 100% okay with not having medicine if I don’t need it but I still feel yucky.

Essential oils give me a way to experiment with home therapies that make me feel better until whatever is bothering me clears up. Just like mom’s chicken soup or a warm bath. I like having options to help feel better.

Those are my reasons. They don’t seem so crazy to me!

Extravagant Essentials

I’ve created a dedicated private Facebook group called Extravagant Essentials for all my essential oil loving friends. This is where I post all things essential oil-related.


If you want to follow the same purchase strategies I’ve used successfully for over 3 years now, feel free to sign-up for your own DoTERRA annual membership.

If you like the idea of collecting points back on the orders you make, be sure to opt for a monthly LRP.

Of course, I would be happy to guide you through this process if you need some help.


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