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Interview with The FlourishWriters Community

November 6, 2019 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST

As Advertised by The FlourishWriters Community on Facebook:

One of the “perks” of being a part of the FlourishWriters student community is our monthly coaching calls. These coaching calls are our way of investing in YOU through added training and encouraging interviews!

We will be changing the way we offer our coaching calls for the 2020 year, however, until then we want to invite you to an exclusive FlourishWriters Coaching Call! (these are normally exclusive to our e-course students only!)

This month we have a special interview with FlourishWriters student Melissa Cassidy. In a society of busy being the new “normal”, how do we discover a sustainable life pace?

As writers, content creators, & marketers we’re often left “juggling multiple roles inside and outside the home, with never enough time and energy to give one’s best.”

Melissa Cassidy is the author of Coming Home: Leaving Busy to Save My Soul.

She will be sharing intimately with the FlourishWriters community her personal story & writing journey (she recently self-published her first book) as well as:

👉The importance of balancing work with periods of rest, what that looks like and how it can benefit not only ourselves but our households.

👉The promise of rest from a biblical perspective and how that relates to faith.

This is a must-watch interview for all of us! The coaching call is taking place next Wednesday, November 6th at 3 pm Eastern on our webinar platform. (Facebook not required!) 



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